Cotton & Sisse

Recent Press And Exhibits

July, 2009, Featured Exhibit in Visura Magazine, "The Space Between"
March 6-8, 2009, Oslo, Norway, speaking at the Lennart Nilsson Conference.
January, 2009, Stockholm, to judge the 2009 PGB Photo Award.
December, 2008, Exhibit at The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poznań, Poland has just launched as well as the new website. Click here to see our recent campaign
August, 2008, Cover story in LFI, Leica Fotographie International
2008, "The Melting Arctic", Galleri Kontrast, Stockholm, Sweden
2008, "Flydende Form", Montana Mobile, Copenhagen, Denmark
Curator Statement
A shadow of a man walking across a vibrant blue screen. The etchings of a barely visible face on a derelict wall. The soft warm column of grains of sand falling from the sky onto a burdened man’s head.
The optical illusion that the line forms serves us as a visual understanding around which we place our beliefs whenever we have to define a pictorial space. From a collective group of lines we visual create forms, evoking recognition amongst shapes to decipher what we behold. We store these visions within our mental containers, they generate who we become as individuals.
Montana establishes vision through strict form, they construct ideal storage systems that co-exists with measurements that have been used over extended time. We identify this form as the cuboid, it holds place in our lifestyle. An item used to contain personal items that reflect our own individuality. Within these boxes we see ourselves reflected as objects, time and emotion.
Sisse Brimberg and Cotton Coulson have been key participants in the international photographic community for over thirty years. They have spoken a visual language of telling narratives through the medium of photography. Their optical truths come through the vision they see when the camera is lifted to the eye. Flydende Form is a selection of photographs taken from the Keenpress archive that epitomize the shared atheistic of Brimberg and Coulson. Within the straight lines that en-capture these photographs they have embodied their own pictorial worlds of reflection.
There is an element of photography that allows the viewer to connect with what they see before them. Perhaps the realness of recognizing shapes invokes assimilation of the subject. Similar to the Montana furniture we envision ourselves within the bounds of the geometric lines that enclose a photograph, allowing space for personality to shine through.
The Flydende Form exhibition has been installed with strict attention to the relationship between design and art, both sharing the same appreciation for color and form. There is a necessity to complement image with object to create a seamless and inspiring space for the buyer to walk through.
One of Montana’s distinctive characteristics it the importance of the color wheel and how it changes the mood of a room, or the expression of an individual. The photographs are placed to harmonize with the installation of furniture, using warm against cool tones, or grays adjacent to vibrant greens. This results in a feeling of sublime while wandering amongst the Montana space. It adds another dimension on how we perceive our surrounding world, and what we wish to create from it.
Curator, Saskia Coulson