Cotton & Sisse

Upcoming Workshops

Look at our upcoming schedule of expeditions at We have a number of upcoming photo workshops this year. For starters we will be teaching onboard the National Geographic Explorer. Please join us if you can. In addition to sharing our experience and knowledge in photography, we will also be teaching HD Video and iPhone (don't laugh) photography.

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In addition to National Geographic, this Spring we will be leading a new series of in-depth photo workshops in partnership with
Successful travel photography evolves from a series of images that tell the viewer what it feels like to be in a place. This hands-on photographic workshop will improve your abilities to visually see and capture the experience of being on location. Along the way, you will shoot and edit a series of powerful images that tell your story in your own style. Sisse and Cotton will work closely with you and share their expertise and knowledge that comes from being National Geographic photographers. With their guidance, participants put their own ideas into practice using a chosen set of visually exciting locations in Nepal and Bhutan. In the classroom and on location, Sisse and Cotton and the participants will place special emphasis on the conception, creation, and production of an in-depth photo essay that evokes the story of a travel adventure.

Here is an excerpt from their homepage. About Better Moments
Better Moments deliver exclusive workshops in landscape, wildlife and travel photography at unique locations around the world. We want our customers to explore their passion for photography and work with some of the world’s most renowned photographers. Furthermore, we want our customers to share their excitement for outdoor photography and enjoy great moments in life.